Sunday, October 28, 2012

Over It

The girls and I went out to brunch and I told them all about meeting Mike’s parents and the show.

“I’m so sad that I didn’t get a part in that.” Molly said.

“I know, but, to be fair, there really aren’t a ton of female roles in it. And you’re doing costumes, so it’s not like you aren’t involved.”

“You’re right. Rehearsals sound awesome, though.”

“I’m getting worried about tech. There’s A LOT of stuff we’re going to have to run through.”

“I’d love to bring the twins to see it but I should probably wait until they’re a bit older.” Anna said leaning over their stroller to make sure they were still napping.

“Yeah, they probably won’t appreciate it at their current age.” I joked.

Zoey was perusing a fashion magazine while she listened and let out a gasp.

Molly, Anna, and I looked at her with confusion.

“Uh…it’s nothing.” She said trying to stuff the magazine in her purse.

Anna grabbed it and opened it up. Her eyes widened before she shut it closed and tried to hide it again.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked.

Molly grabbed it from Anna and opened it up to the page they were looking at. She looked confused.

“Guys, why is this such a big deal? So someone got a divorce, blah, blah, blah, big deal.”

Molly handed me the magazine and I saw Zoey and Anna both take in a deep breath.

I looked down the page and didn’t quite understand at first but then I saw a little blurb towards the bottom. Kevin and Hannah got divorced. Apparently the fashion magazine was talking about it because Hannah was making a triumphant return to working as a fashion guru after working through her divorce.

I didn’t know what to say. I silently handed the magazine back to Zoey.

After a few seconds of silence, Molly chimed in.

“Guys, WHAT is the big deal?”

That brought me out of my thoughts.

“Molly, Kevin and I dated; he was also my boss. He was engaged to that woman while we were dating. I had no idea. He lied about pretty much everything and when I broke things off he made my life a living hell at work. I eventually quit and he attacked me in his office when I went to give him my notice. Awhile after that, he saw me at a bar and attacked me again. Sean-”

“Wait, that’s THAT guy?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I said. Molly and I had only just become acquaintances when Kevin attacked me the second time, she didn’t know much about the past but she did know about the bar incident.

“Well…I’m glad that Hannah isn’t with him anymore.” Anna said meekly.

“Me, too.” I said, and I meant it.

“Are you going to be okay, Faith?” Zoey asked.

I sat for a moment and thought about it.

“You know, I think I am. I moved on from that a long time ago.”

We moved on to other topics after that. Zoey and Wesley are going down to Australia for Christmas and she talked about all the places they were going to see and about how nervous she is to meet his family for the first time. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Moments

I have been so busy lately and I haven’t updated in awhile! So much has happened in the time that I’ve last written.

The biggest thing that’s happened is that I met Mike’s parents! I didn’t want Thanksgiving to be the first time I met them so Mike took me to his parents’ house to have dinner. His dad’s name is Frank and he’s a retired fireman. He’s also really into cars and has been trying to refurbish one with Mike When they have free time. It’s adorable. Mike’s dad didn’t want to retire, actually, 3 years ago he was riding in a fire truck on the way to a burning building when it was hit by a car. The accident broke his back in 5 places and he had to have a ton of surgeries but he still has a lot of back pain so he was sort of forced to retire. Now he builds wooden toys and sells them on Etsy, which is also just super freaking adorable, too.

Mike’s mom is a very warm woman. Her name is Betty and she’s just a very naturally happy woman. She made me feel welcome as soon as she opened the door, in fact, the very first thing she did was give me a hug. She’s such a sweet woman and I feel silly for not wanting to meet her sooner.

Mike’s parents also call him Mikey which is hilarious to me. I’ve never met such a cute family.

Before we ate dinner (lasagna; Mike told his mom that I loved her recipe so she insisted that we have that) Mike showed me his childhood bedroom and…you guys…my boyfriend is a GIANT nerd. First of all, he slept in a racecar bed all the way through high school. I don’t really understand how he fit but he slept in a blue race car bed. Second, there were nerdy posters all over the walls. Magic: The Gathering posters, Star Trek posters, Doctor Who posters, Pokemon posters.

“Oh my God.” I said when he showed it to me.

“I know.”

“You are such a nerd.” I said stepping into his room to take it all in.

“I know.”

I leaned against his dresser and stared in awe. Above his bed was a picture Xena the Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman which made me giggle.

“Please don’t dump me.” He joked.

“Well that depends, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“On what?” He said putting his hands against my waist and leaning on me.

“Which was your starter Pokemon?”

“Which gen?”


“Psssh, charmander, OBVIOUSLY. The best one, duh.”

I scrutinized him, “Good answer.”

Mike kissed me and laughed.

“You have an inner nerd, too?” He asked.

“Mike, you don’t even KNOW how much I love Pokemon. My games are hidden in my closet; I play them sometimes when it’s slow at work.”

“God, I love you.”

And THAT, would be another big thing that happened while I’ve been too busy to write. Mike told me that he loves me and I said it back and really meant it. I do love Mike. I think I’m still falling in love with him but I’ve definitely passed the threshold between love and like a long time ago, probably even before we had sex.
Another thing that has happened since my last post was that we started our rehearsals for the show. It’s been going very smoothly and my cast is a dream to work with. Tech will be exhausting, though, if everything Joe is planning works out. We’re going to have fog machines and flying actors and pyrotechnics. Just thinking about all the safety checks I’ll have to do every night before we open the house is making me dizzy!

This Thursday I’m going over to Mike’s family’s house after rehearsal for dinner, I’m bringing the wine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not Gonna be Home for the Holidays

“Hey.” I said when Mike answered his phone.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I just told my mom about not being able to come home for the holidays because of work. There was crying.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Faith. She didn’t take it well, I assume?”

“That is an understatement.” I sighed, “But I don’t know what she wants me to do. I can’t fly in, I have to work. If I was just working at Bruno’s it would be a different story but it’s not like I can just not call the cues for the show, you know? And I’m making a ton of money for working the holidays, for the show AND for Bruno’s. I told her I’d come home for a long visit after the show closed but I don’t think it made her feel any better.”

“She just needs some time. She’ll understand. Your brother has missed holidays before, right?”

“Yeah, but this will be the first year that neither one of us is going to be there for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I told her that she and my dad could come here and spend Christmas with me but she refused, she hates the city.”

“Why can’t your brother be there?”

“He’s on tour for a show and met someone so he’s going to her family’s house for their holiday break instead. I’m going to try to talk him into splitting it up between his new girlfriend’s family’s house and our parents’ but we’ll see how that goes.”

“So, what are you doing for the holidays when you aren’t working?”

“Probably calling my sobbing my mother…” I said.

“Why don’t you spend the holidays with my family?”


“Come on, Faith. We’ve been dating since the summer and I’d love for you to meet my parents. You know that. They would LOVE to have you, and you’ll be able to meet my sisters.”

“I’ll…what the hell. Why not?”

“Yessss!” Mike’s happiness was evident on the phone and it made me smile.

I’m terrified of meeting his family but it’ll be nice to not have to sit in my apartment by myself for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. If I can’t be with MY family, I guess being with my awesome boyfriend’s family is the next best thing.