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Modern Day Faith is a fictional blog set in a metropolitan city in the Midwest that was originally created for a creative writing class assignment in October of 2009. Once the class assignment had been completed, the author decided to continue writing the story for her own enjoyment.

Posting occurs every Monday and Thursday with occasional posts thrown in throughout the week. Because of the author's hectic schedule, post delays and hiatuses have become more frequent. Your patience and understanding is extremely appreciated.


My name is del. I'm in my mid twenties and currently a pre-med student going through the process of applying to medical school. I have a degree in stage management and worked in theatre for awhile before going back to school. Faith is not meant to depict anyone I know in real life. She is entirely fictional as are all the other characters in the story, they have, however, been inspired by things in my own life (Murphy exists, for example, from the combination of my two cats, Murphy and Rose, put into one character).

I started the blog in 2009 for a creative writing assignment and got most of my first few dedicated readers from the long gone Cosmo Bedroom Blog comment rolls (before you had to connect Facebook to the comments!) and many of them are still reading (hello ladies!). This blog has basically spread from there by word of mouth and reader recommendations, as far as I know.

I appreciate those of you who read the blog and encourage your discussions in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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