Thursday, October 13, 2016


The stuff going on with my health is a lot more complicated than I originally thought. I'm still hoping to start writing on the blog again but things are moving very slowly and I don't have a diagnosis yet. It's looking like I won't have one any time soon.

Some pretty scary things are being considered. I saw an oncologist a week ago to be tested for leukemia, it was surreal to be sitting in an oncologist's office and being the youngest person there by about 60 years. The oncologist is expecting the test for cancer to be negative but he's concerned about it enough to want to rule it out, he's also looking for genetic mutations in my bone marrow which is why it's all taking so long to hear back about stuff, not to mention that for a few weeks my health insurance company decided to get involve and refuse to pay or a bunch of stuff.

Meanwhile, I've been struggling to keep track of all of my other appointments; CT scans, appointments for specialists, blood tests, medical bill due dates, etc. It's been hard to deal with while in medical school but I've managed not to drown and passed my first set of classes. I'm not really sure how I managed to do that, to be honest because I've been so distracted and I've had to miss class because of my appointments. So, the blog is on the back burner for a while, I'm hoping I'll know something by Thanksgiving but who knows if that will actually happen?

I wanted to give you guys an update because I know you're waiting. You've all been such dedicated readers and I appreciate it a lot.