Character Guide

Main Characters

Faith: A vivacious 20-something brunette living in a big, Midwestern city. She has an older brother who lives in New York and her parents live in a smaller Midwestern city a plane ride away.

Murphy: Faith’s black and white cat.

Sasha: Faith's white and gray speckled Border Collie. They go running every morning.

Zoey: One of Faith’s best friends. She is a voluptuous redhead who works as a creative director on photo shoots for a popular fashion magazine with Anna. Faith and Zoey have known each other since college, where they were roommates.

Adam/Stormy: An old co-worker of Faith’s and one of her best friends. He worked as a news anchor in addition to a journalist at the news station paper, where he dated many of his co-workers. His on-air personality was Stormy Allen and Faith assumed it was his real name, but his real name is Adam Donohue. They briefly spent time as roommates while he slept on her couch. After the news station paper went under, Adam began freelancing as a journalist; he wants to be a crime reporter for a large newspaper as a career goal. Adam has dark, short-clipped hair, green eyes, and a fit build. He often has a 5 o'clock shadow. Adam jokes a lot and can sometimes come off as arrogant but he's an honest and positive person overall. Adam and Faith began dating in January of 2014.

Molly: One of Faith’s best friends and current roommate. Molly is a blonde with naturally curly hair and a bubbly personality. She’s an actress and also has experience doing costumes for many shows. Molly has a sister and also works as a suicide hotline counselor for gay youth as a second job.

Other characters:

Amber: Adam's ex-girlfriend and co-worker of Suzy and Dina. Turns out she was stalking Faith since college and dies from being hit by a car in October of 2013.Amber was an alias and her real name was Patricia.

Analise: A floor secretary at the news station paper.

Andrew: Anna and Theo’s son.

Angel: Brad’s ex-girlfriend.

Angela: A former employee at Bruno’s that was fired for stealing.

Anna: One of Faith’s best friends. She works as a fashion director at a popular major fashion magazine with Zoey. She’s a mother to twins and is married to Theo. Anna and Faith have been friends since college. Anna has mousy brown hair and adorable dimples as well as a kind and warm personality. Anna has three brothers.

Annabelle: Maggie’s daughter. Mike’s niece.

Ashley: A pretty woman with auburn hair. She's slightly younger than Faith and is the General Manager of the Glass Penny Theatre. She has vibrant green eyes and a pouty mouth.

Aubrey: Adam's younger sister. She has brown hair and a spoiled attitude. Her boyfriend is Brandon and she is in college for fashion design.

Becky: A crime reporter at the news station job.

Betty: Mike’s mother. She died from a brain aneurysm over the holidays shortly after meeting Faith.

Brad: A dark rocker guy who worked with Faith at Bruno’s as the head bartender. He and Faith had a casual relationship, tried, dating, and ended up being friends even though he still had a thing for her. After feeling used by Faith he quit and started working at a record shop. He has a lot of tattoos and piercings.

Brandon: Aubrey's boyfriend. He has short brown hair and an All-American jock look.

Bruno: Owns the bar, Bruno’s, and is Faith’s boss. He’s an overweight mobster-type guy and frequently hangs out in a back room with his regular customers watching sports.

Callie: A proofreader at the news station paper.

Calvin: An actor Molly has worked with and dates casually off and on.

Cara: A college student that works at Bruno’s with Faith. She has a button nose, black hair, and is super sweet. Her boyfriend is Liam.

Charlie: a female researcher at the news station paper.

Chief Gunner: Mike’s boss. He’s the fire chief of the firehouse.

Chris: A guy Faith dated casually. He was younger than her and broke up with her when she called him by the wrong name during sex.

Claire: One of Mike’s older sisters. She’s a pre-school teacher and lives in Washington D.C with her boyfriend, who is a law student.

Collin: One of Mike’s friends. They work at the firehouse together.

Connie: The front page and political section assistant editor at the news station paper.

Corey: An HR intern that worked with Faith at the paper.

Dan: A friend of Adam's from college. He works as a photojournalist and has a loud and exuberant personality. He has a brown hair and wears a beard along with loud clothing choices. His partner is Penny.

Dean: A boyfriend of Faith’s. He’s a redheaded seminary student planning on being a priest. He has a large family; four brothers and three sisters. One brother is a police officer, another is an artist, and the other two run a bar downtown. One sister is an elementary school teacher the other is still in high school, and the third one is a stay at home mom.

Dennis: A sports writer for the news station paper.

Detective Geordi: An older police detective that was involved in Faith's stalking situation.

Dick Cartwright: Kevin’s lawyer.

Dina: An old co-worker of Faith’s. She’s in her thirties and married to an airline pilot named Mike. She worked at the paper with Faith and then followed her to the news station paper job. Since that dissolved, she’s been working for a competing news paper with Suzy.

Doc: The facility manager for the animal shelter Faith volunteers at.

Dolly: Mike’s dog. She lives at his firehouse.

Dr. Deerhorn: Sean’s therapist.

Dr. Jones: A vet.

Dr. Green: Faith’s gynecologist.

Dr. Leslie Sheehan: Faith’s therapist.

Ed: The producer and owner of the theatre Faith stage manages for.

Eddie: The keyboard player in Sean’s band. He is engaged to Jake.

Elise: One of Faith’s best friends before they had a falling out. Elise worked as a model and was friends with Anna and Zoey as well.

Emily: Anna and Theo's stillborn daughter.

Eric: An employee at the paper Faith had to fire for having sex at work.

Francine: An actress that worked with Faith.

Frank: A proofreader at the news station paper.

Frank: Mike’s dad. He’s a retired fireman.

George: Faith’s boss at the paper. He resigned after his wife was diagnosed with cancer again and was replaced by Kevin.

Gerry: Sean’s band’s former manager. He had a mental breakdown after trying to contact his daughter for the first time in 12 years and ended up resigning to work on his relationship with her while he recovered.

Grant: Maggie’s son. Mike’s nephew.

Greg: The sports and crime assistant editor at the news station paper.

Guy: The lead singer in Sean’s band.

Hank: A guy Faith dated casually. He is significantly older than her.

Hannah: Kevin’s fiancée and eventual wife and then eventual ex-wife. She’s a honey blonde fashionista who works as a fashion consultant for major fashion magazines.

Hazel Harrison: The Executive Producer and Director of the Glass Penny Theatre. She's elderly, rich, and has a penchant for bright purple clothing and gaudy jewelry and hats.

Heather Montgomery: A blonde woman with a super-model physique. Adam's high school sweetheart.

Henry: One of Mike’s friends. They work at the firehouse together.

Herb: A sports writer for the paper who intervened when Kevin assaulted Faith in his office.

Hercules: A Dalmatian at one of the animal shelters Faith volunteers at.

Hugh Jones: The head board member for the paper.

Jake: The bass player in Sean’s band.

Jamie: Maggie’s husband. Mike’s brother-in-law.

Jan: The vet tech at the animal shelter Faith volunteers at.

Janna: An employee Faith hired for the paper. She was a terrible receptionist that Faith eventually had to fire.

Jeff: A cartoonist at the news station paper.

Jenna: A proofreader at the news station paper.

Jenny: A gossip columnist at the news station paper. She was moved to cover politics which left an opening for Faith’s old co-worker, Suzy, to come work at the news station paper.

Joan: Andrew's wife and Adam's sister-in-law. She has a red hair and a sour disposition.

Joe: The technical director for Eddie’s theatre. He supervises the building of the sets, hanging of the lights, etc.

Justin: Faith’s older brother. He was in the Marine Corps and deployed to Afghanistan but is now based in New York and works as an actor. He is also a certified stunt man and fight choreographer.

Karen: Gerry’s replacement as manager. She and Faith look alike except that Karen is blonde. Karen and Sean had a one-night affair; she became pregnant.

Kelly: An employee that replaced Janna as a temp. Faith hired her for a full-time position at the paper after a few weeks of temp work.

Kevin: A boyfriend and boss of Faith’s. He’s a dark-haired, charismatic man who lied to Faith about being engaged. When Faith called things off, Kevin made her job extremely difficult and assaulted her when she turned in her two weeks’ notice. Later, he ran into her in a bar and assaulted her a second time. He married his fiancée and eventually got divorced.

Lady: Randy’s dog. She’s a black lab.

Lenny: One of Mike’s friends. They work at the firehouse together.

Leonard: Molly’s former roommate before Faith moved in.

Liam: Cara’s boyfriend.

Lisa: A floor secretary at the news station paper.

Lou: The drummer in Sean’s band.

Luke: An actor that worked on one of Molly’s show that Faith dated briefly.

Maggie: Mike’s oldest sister. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Jamie, and their two children, Annabelle and Grant.

Malcolm: Faith’s first serious boyfriend. They dated in college.

Marshall: An actor Faith worked with.

Matt: A sports writer at the news station paper.

Mariah: A politics writer for the news station paper.

Melissa: Peter's wife. A mousey looking woman with a penchant for pastels.

Mike: A boyfriend of Faith’s. He’s a brunette and in-shape firefighter with three sisters (Claire, Maggie, and Sarah) and a Dalmatian named Dolly.

Mike:  Dina’s husband, he works as an airline pilot.

Mike: The couple’s therapist that Faith and Sean saw.

Mrs. Garrison: A member of the board that ran the paper.

Mrs. Hodges: A neighbor that lives down the hall from Molly and Faith’s apartment.

Nancy: The volunteer supervisor at the animal shelter Faith volunteers at.

Nick Costas: The PR and Marketing Director for The Glass Penny Theatre. He has severe, dark features, a goatee, and is in his late twenties.

Officer Beckett: A young police officer that escorted Detective Geordi.

Patricia: The HR rep for the news station.

Patrick: One of Mike’s friends. They work at the firehouse together.

Paul: Sean’s older brother. He’s a lawyer and lives in Michigan.

Paula: An HR intern that worked with Faith at the paper.

Paula: George’s wife. She had terminal cancer.

Penny: Dan's partner. She has light brown skin, dark brown hair, and a warm personality. She's a second grade teacher.

Peter: Adam's friend from high school. He's married to Melissa and has a son, Timothy. He's a cold person and has brown, severely parted hair.

Phil: Brad’s boss and friend at the record store.

Randy: A single dad who lived in Faith’s building before it burned down. Faith and Randy briefly dated. Randy has a son, Teddy, and a dog, Lady. Randy and his son moved to Seattle after the apartment fire so they could be closer to his widow’s family.

Redford: A male model Elise briefly dated.

Renee: A proofreader at the news station paper.

Riley: A politics writer at the news station paper.

Riley Montgomery: The Artistic Director of the Glass Penny  Theatre. He has dark red hair, stark glasses, and a strong chin. He's in his thirties.

Rose: Veronica’s assistant and an ex-girlfriend of Stormy’s (Adam’s).

Roy: A crew member on Sean’s tour that sat on Sean’s laptop and broke it.

Rudy: An actor Faith worked with.

Sally: A costume crew member that works at the theatre.

Samantha: A researcher at the news station paper.

Sara: The gossip column and political cartoon assistant editor at the news station paper.

Sarah: Mike’s youngest sister. She’s a sophomore in college.

Scott: Kevin’s personal secretary at the paper.

Sean: An ex-boyfriend of Zoey’s. He was a personal trainer with a penchant for cheating.

Sean: Faith’s ex-boyfriend. He has dark hair and plays lead guitar for a band, Faith and Sean had a casual relationship before and after seriously dating. He went on tour shortly after proposing to Faith, while being on tour, the distance began to take its toll and Sean became very petty and jealous. He cheated on Faith with his tour manager but the couple tried to make things work.  Faith ended it when Sean admitted he’d gotten his tour manager pregnant.

Shannon: An ex-girlfriend of Justin’s, Faith’ brother.

Shelby: Faith’s lawyer who helped do a legal mediation after Faith pressed charges against Kevin for assaulting her.

Stacy: Randy’s babysitter.

Steve: Faith’s assistant at the news station paper. He’s a vegan, tall, and has dark hair. After the news station paper went under he started working as a publicist’s assistant.

Sue: Faith’s career-changer class teacher.

Suzy: An old blonde co-worker of Faith’s. She writes gossip columns and always has her ear to the ground for new office rumors. Suzy followed Faith from the paper to the news station paper as a gossip columnist. She found work at the same paper as Dina after the news station paper went under.

Tanya: A web developer hired by Faith at the news station paper.

Teddy: Randy’s son.

Theo: Married to Anna. He is a doctor. He has known Anna (and Faith and Zoey) since college.

Toby: A proofreader at the news station paper.

Todd: A web developer hired by Faith at the news station paper.

Todd: A guy Faith went on one date with who got completely drunk on their first, and last, date.

Tom: A gossip columnist at the news station paper. He dated Steve and now works at the same fashion magazine as Zoey and Anna.

Tony: He’s the cook at Bruno’s. He has a wife and two older children in college.

Tony: A friend of Mike’s. They’ve been friends since childhood and work together at the fire station.

Torie: A high school classmate of Faith’s.

Tracy: A production assistant on Sean’s tour.

Tucker: A difficult director that Faith worked on a few shows with. He has fake hipster glasses, a beard, and a skeezy propensity for staring at women’s breasts.

Ty: Faith’s cooking class teacher.

Veronica: Faith’s boss at the news station paper. She’s a blonde woman who looks great in a power suit. She worked as the editor for the news station paper and was also heavily involved in the news station side of things. Veronica has a harsh demeanor and a straight to the point attitude.

Vicki: An employee for the paper that Faith had to fire for having sex at work.

Weatherly: Anna and Theo’s daughter.

Wesley:  A politics writer for the paper who intervened when Kevin assaulted Faith in his office.

Wesley: Zoey’s ex-boyfriend. He’s from Australia and is attractive, blonde, and very fit. He is a photographer and does freelance work as a lighting assistant for various magazines.

Yvonne: A nurse for Dr. Jones.

Zeke: Works as a light board operator with Faith. He’s got an impressive beard and is a generally dependable and laid back dude. Zeke is the Technical Director for the Glass Penny Theatre.